[SOLVED] I cant select values 1 or 2 in CC editor

Hi, I can not insert values of 1 and 2 (sometimes 3) in the editor Control Changes when I try to move the cursor, this jumps 0 to the position 4 or 3, but the values 1 and 2 do not I select.
There any way to be able to do ?, I need to select the value 1 CC 0 Bank Select to send the information to touchVIZ to select the video that I want to that it plays

Hi salfuman,

Please make sure to set the grid setting to “Off” (located in the sub menu bar above).
This should help to easily choose and set dedicated values in the CC editor.

Hope that helps.


Hello, thank you, with this has been fixed.
I thought the grid only affected the bars and not to other questions.

Thanks for your feedback, salfuman.
Glad to hear it helped to solve the issue at your end.