SOLVED ( i think ) C13 Acustica Audio plugin's CPU spike

Here we go again , things that took time to get stable in C12 ,rearing their heads in C13 :
Acustica audio 'Ash ’ in particular Very stable in C12 no movement , but in C13 revisiting a track i mastered in C12 with only half the Asio meter used Ash causes the Asio meter to ramp up to max out in C13 , glitch and causes Cubase to stop . Do i really need to import all tracks into a C13 Project and save ?
I will be honest , i haven’t started a new project in C13 yet but come on , form Half of the Asio meter in one version to Maxing out on exactly the same project in another version above , sort out Steinberg .

It’s a case of delete the old preferences and let C13 rebuild .
Why on earth Steinbergs letting Cubase take the preferences from previous versions , give us the option because NON of the last 2 years of update with preferences have run smooth