[SOLVED] IAA MIDI Connection Is Broken

IAA MIDI tracks no longer record the MIDI data generated in connected synth apps.

  1. Connect a synth as an IAA instrument.
  2. Enable record
  3. Switch to the synth app
  4. Start Cubasis recording
  5. Play some notes in the synth
  6. Stop recording
  7. Switch back to Cubasis
  8. Nothing is recorded

Grateful if you could look into this for us.


Oh yeah, iOS 8.4, Cubasis 1.9.5, iPad Mini 2

Hi Xenteq,

Here are the steps of the repro at our end:

(1) Launch Cubasis 1.9.5
(2) Create MIDI track
(3) Assign “Waldorf: Nave” as IAA MIDI instrument
(4) Open internal Cubasis keyboard
(5) Record a few bars of MIDI in Cubasis

Both recording and playback works as expected, same for track freeze (rendering recorded MIDI notes to audio).
Please let us have more details where the function fails at your end.

Please note that some third party apps do not provide the option to use (their) on-board keyboard to record MIDI via established IAA connection, while it can be used to record the audiostream via IAA. Give step (4) a try and use Cubasis’ keyboard when recording MIDI tracks via IAA connection.



Thanks for the quick response. I can do as you suggest above and record using the Cubasis internal keyboard - I tried that earlier. The apps that I tried to record using their internal keyboard were iMini, Z3TA+ and Addictive Synth. I can also confirm that if I set up these synths as IAA Audio tracks with an associated MIDI track I can record both the audio and the MIDI when I play the keyboard within the app.

I was sure I used to be able to record the MIDI using MIDI IAA tracks before ?!? Maybe not? I guess I need to look in the apps MIDI settings and see if it has settings for MIDI out to work out which ones are likely to work this way round?

Should I be able to record CC messages generated from within the app? I didn’t test this earlier.

It depends on the 3rd party instrument in use and will work for some apps (e.g. Nave provides both options) but fail with others when talking IAA Midi. If not provided by the third party app simply use Cubasis’ internal keyboard.