(SOLVED) Import old version of Cubasis project - Audio missing


I worked on the old version on Cubasis. (Red/black icon) Finally I got LE 3. When I import old projects now the audio tracks/files are not linked. I tried to copy folder from one app folder to the le3 folder. But still audio tracks are empty.

Is there a way to relink them?



The ‘work around’ I used back when Cubasis 3 dropped was to ‘compress/zip’ the Cubasis 2 projects (using Files.app) before importing them into Cubasis 3.

After compressing the Cubasis 2 project using files.app long tap on the project zip.file and open it with Cubasis 3. Cubasis 3 will then decompress the archive and file links should work as expected.

As far as I know there’s no direct way to ‘re-link’ missing objects.