[Solved] Import samples with browsing from soundlibary

Hi there!

Just downloaded H4 trial but cant figure out anything. I had a Halion 3 way back and that was a piece of cake to figure out. How the hell do i browse my samples? Is there not a browser or something like C6 mediabay where i easily can browse and insert? Am i missing something here?

I tried to load my soundlibary in the programrack but at the end it just freezed :frowning: .
If somebody can explain this for me i will be thankful.

Also, i tried to find some good yotube clips but all i could see was commercial from Steinberg.

Hi There. Halion 4 does have two ways to browse for samples. There is a built in Mediabay which will read Halion 4 created VST presets. There is also a hard disk browser called… browser. It is here that you can load up wav, aif etc. You can even filter out listed files and make favourites folders for quick viewing. If the tabs above are not showing by default, you can add them manually to get what you want. I suggest you read a bit into the layout of Halion 4 as it is much different (but far superior) to that of Halion 3 which I was also a fond user of. It is most beneficial if you have dual displays as you can undock and resize any of the tabs to your liking. Seems daunting at first, but once you get your head around it, it truly is quite intuitive and easy to use. Halion 4 is the single best investment to my music I have made in years. I eagerly look forward to future updates to see what it brings to the table.

I still don’t get it. Where is the “hard disk browser called… browser”? This is exactly what i am after. I can only find things like slotrack, midi, program table and so on. All my samples is on an separate harddrive that i want to import. Nothing in the manual covers this. I start to believe that H4 is nothing for me. I want to browse and import the same way as in kontakt, is that possible?

Hello Mr. Zorro,

as Cantankerous mentioned - it will be fine to look at manual to fully understand this tool. When I started (14 days before) I was absolutely confused, but now I think that my investment was right.

I am not in position to give you advice but things which I learned at university and helps me in my professional life at daily basis are:

  1. Always read manual - it is not waste of time this is way to developers/publisher mind.
  2. Do not try to find one tool in another or emulate it. Instead try to learn something new. Nuendo is not Pro Tools, Media Composer is not Final Cut Pro etc.
  3. Most powerful tools are not One-Click machines - you need some time to read manual, try some stuff and find your way - it is investment into knowledge and there is always way

To answer your question:

  1. On the top there is small button “Load/Save/Delete Screen Set”
  2. Open Advanced screen scheme - there is almost all things showed up
  3. Under program slot (look at manual) there is now buttons Load, MIDI etc.
  4. If you click on Load button you will probably see MediaBay (yes it is similar as Kontakt)
  5. Next to MediaBay you can see Browser button if not click on plus symbol and load it up - simple - browser is similar mentioned Kontakt workflow

Trust me you will love Halion - no messy lockup windows - all is in your hand…

Hope that this will help you


OK, thanks a lot. Now i can SEE my samples but not PLAY them. Any ideas why? Also, some folders are yellow and others green. You know why? Every time i close C6 and then reload H4 i have to do the same procedure to see my soundlibary. Is it suppose to be that way?

I really tried to read the manual but i don’t read every page right. I agree with you that you should always read the manual but sometimes you need to read a little and then practice simultaneously. Otherwise you don’t know what the hell you are doing or reading. I am a true believer of the “trail and error method”.

I am also a true believer of software that transforms my musical ideas with as little hassle as possible. I don’t care if it is a plugin like “Waves Oneknob” or H4. Two really different philosophys but same goal. Just because a software (H4) take 2 weeks to learn doesn’t make it better, does it?

Is format of your samples supported? Nuendo or Cubase does not support Apple loops in example… Have you tried find your loops in system (Finder on mac, Explorer on Windows) and drag and drop it to Halion Sample Editor as on http://youtu.be/aP8axFlaKR8?

Unfortunately there is lack in manual :frowning: as Nuendo I suppose that Steinberg developers use same color scheme (from Nuendo manual page 337 - Define location section):

  • A red icon means that the folder is currently being scanned.
  • An orange icon is displayed when the scanning process for the folder was interrupted.
    • A yellow icon is displayed for folders that have not yet been scanned.



Hi Tomas!
Thanks again for taking the time. Yes, my samples are supported (wave, aiff, rex). I have several sampling CD;s in my library e.g Vengeance. I had no problems what so ever in C6 MediaBay or Kontakt, only in H4. Also, in my libary i have my own collection of single shot drums that don’t show up.

It seems that H4 can only load/read samples that are made as “Program”, is that correct? If that’s the case how are you suppose to import/browse individual samples without to go to your folder in different window? I want to preview and then import like i do in C6 MediaBay and Kontakt, is that possible? I really want to make use of the H4 engine for my samples.

If it is a matter of that the folder needs a scan, where do i do that?

Ok, an update.

Apparently i used the H4 4.0…something. Updated to 4.5.2 and now i have a browserbutton. I can browse, preview and import without hassle :smiley: . Everything is fine for the moment.

Case closed! :smiley:

haha, yes, this function was introduced and refined in 4.5.0. I never even thought to ask if you have the latest patch in, I assumed that was a give me, but I guess not!

I am glad you are back in business and happy, Halion 4 really is fantastic and you should get lots of use from it I would imagine.