[SOLVED] Importing Cubasis Project a Muti-Track MidiFile

For background, I created a 6 track MID Cubasis Project, Mixed it down to a MIDI file, synced the iPad with Mac and saved that MIDI file on the Mac desktop, dragged that mixed down MDI file into a a MIDI track (the only track) in new GarageBand project and GarageBand opened the single MIDI file and separated it into the 6 MIDI tracks originally mixed down and assigned instruments to each track. Perfect!

So I tried the reverse. I took a multi-track MIDI file, added it to Cubasis via iTunes sync and found it was listed in the Cubasis MIDI folder. So I created a new Cubasis project with a single MIDI track and opened the new now synched MIDI file in the MIDI track in the new Cubasis project, but it did not open into 6 tracks, only one MIDI track. Is there a way to have Cubasis create the 6 tracks that were in the imported MIDI file (as GarageBand did)?

Thanks in advance.

Problem solved. Just figured it out. I had to add 6 blank MIDI tracks to the project. Then when I opened the 6 track MIDI file into the first blank tract of the project the 6 tracks in the MIDI file opened in the 6 respective formerly empty MIDI tracks in the project. Some tweaking is required but the tracks and notes are there. Very impressive and great to be able to continue working on MIDI songs I created on the computer and XF8 (copied to the Mac) in Cubasis. Regards to the great Cubasis programers.

Thanks for the update, MercedesCP4!
We’re glad to hear you have been able to solve the issue yourself.

Have great fun using Cubasis!