[Solved in Cubase 6.5.4] big bug in Prologue, please check!

I just loaded a project I was working on last week and I found it sounded very strange.

Tracing the problem, It seems that the sounds I used in Prologue sound way off detuned. Upon loading a preset or a snapshot sound, the finetune values are messed up in the new version.

Test procedure:

  • Create a new sound in prologue.
  • Set any oscillator finetune to 1.0 (or any other value)
  • Save the sound
  • Load it again

Now the finetune is different. Happens on all 3 oscillators. I don’t know if there are any other settings of the instrument affected, but it may well be.

Please this needs to be fixed ASAP!

I just loaded a project I was working on last week and I found it sounded very strange.

I can share the quote above - but with Mystic.

Upon loading a preset or a snapshot sound, the finetune values are messed up in the new version

With my project, I can’t trace (yet) the problem… all I know is that when I create a fresh instance of the synth, it
seems to behave as expected. but with previous projects… the sound is altered (even though I haven’t touched the preset !). and not only that - the sound changes itself randomly throughout the entire pattern… (! :open_mouth: !)

I seems something happened to those synths… strange :unamused:


I had this swith the channel EQ, sudden boosts in high range, nothing changed visually…


I can confirm the behavior, we will have a look at a solution.

Best Regards,

Thank you Helge!


I can also confirm this with Prologue. In my case the preset “Joy Revision”. The oscillator fine tuning loads heavily detuned. Correcting them and saving then reloading doesn’t solve it. They still load detuned.

I haven’t noticed this with Prologe yet but with Mystic see this post:

But I noticed with Prologue when using very short attack and release times in the envelope it produces a loud cracking or plopping sound! Maybe Steinberg could look into this as well.

Cheers, Felix

Hi everyone,

is there any workaround? This bug makes Prologue rather useless because it seems that all patches are not loaded correctly. Is there any info when this will be fixed?


I think the only workaround is saving the patches in older version of cubase (which plays them correctly) then loading them in the new version manually.

To rule out interference from other maybe corrupt plugins it may be helpful to start a new project with no plugs or FX and just apply Prologue on it’s own, then close / open the project and see if it happens again.

I have done that exactly - with the same problems. The issue has already been confirmed by Helge.



Yeah this should have been a quick fix with priority. I have had to redo some sounds of Prologue using third party VSTis for my last project. I suppose you can’t rely on the included synths, they get abandoned or buggy :imp:

Chorder is also broken since 6.0.3 and there seems no interest on fixing it:


Someone mentioned saving the “corrected” settings as a new Preset. That doesn’t work for me. It still loads the project with the “fine” tunings messed up. The only thing I have found to do as a workaround it to “automate” the “fine” knobs at the beginning of the song so that no matter how they load, they get corrected when you push play.
p.s. I agree, and would like to see a fix, of course.

This whole Prologue fine tune has happened to me too!!! It is very aggravating!!! I am still using the Cubase Artist 6 rather than Cubase Artist 6.5 and the same problem is occurring! I hate when I am trying to mix a project with prologue as one of my VST instruments and every time I reopen the project I have to fix the fine tune! I could just print the sound to audio, but that is always annoying when I realize that I want to go back and tweak something! This needs to be fixed! Cubase is very glitchy! I have had at least 1 glitch or Cubase software problem in every project I have worked on! I always update all the software on my computer and get every Cubase maintenance update! Cubase needs to be fixed!

When I use the preset whizzle a loud distortion appears. After that I have to restart Cubase 6.5

yes i have the same behavior and it would be nic for steiny to sort it ASAP as these synths were not freewares

same problem here too.

also cubase won’t let me automate the volume in prologue for some reason… its like the volume line automation is locked :question: not exactly the end of the world, there’s many workarounds, but it would be nice to have this parameter working properly.