[Solved in Cubase 6.5.4] big bug in Prologue, please check!

The older VST instruments have been broken for a while now and I don’t expect Steinberg to ever fix them. Use Retrologue people. May not have the weird oscillators and operator like FM capabilities or sub filters, and the LFO’s are way slower too but at least the synth works. Like prologue to retrologue as a replacement VA, hopefully they give us a newer updated version of the other broken synths. Or even better an FM synth to compete with Live’s Operator.

I suppose Steinberg don’t expect we can rely on their synths in the long term if they break them over time?

Of course I would not use prologue for current projects, someday It could stop working well. I tend to keep my projects in working order, you don’t know when you will need to use them again.

the art is to sample them and not trust them live , i love my s6000 and i feel sorry for you plug in boys that rely on the plugin synths but hey each to there own (i must ammit there aer some very nice vst synths out there tho )

I don’t use them live, but if I open an old project that only uses included Cubase synths and effects I expect it to sound like the last time. Unfortunately that’s not the case.

Hi all,
this issue will be fixed in the upcoming 6.5.3 maintenance update!


Cool, thanks Helge!

Hi everyone,

according to the release notes of Cubase 6.5.3 this bug should have been fixed. Anyhow, on my system (6.5.3 32-bit) the problem still persists.

Can anybody else confirm this?

Helge, is there something wrong with the 6.5.3 patch?


I can repro too. Also, I’ve confirmed that a new binary is in place for this VST after the update. It was replaced.

Very strange that:

  1. This is easily repro-able by everyone
  2. It has taken a few months to get this update out
  3. The build is from July, so ostensibly well-tested and not rushed
  4. There is a short list of fixes and this is one of them
  5. This is not fixed

I can confirm as well.

Me too… :astonished:

Me three… :frowning:

On loading the saved sound, the (fine tune) settings are way off whack… Not good.

(I just updated ok to 6.5.3)

See here: https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=25513#p165114

This seemed to be fixed in the 6.5.4 hotfix :sunglasses:


Hi :slight_smile:
“B196” is addressed in the 6.5.4 Pre- release Update.
B196: Prologue: Fine-tune values corrected.


I tried it, and it seems to be resolved. Not only for Prologue, but for the other affected synth’s too.

Good work!

With 6.5.4 never complained, but after installing 6.5.5 had same problems as described with Prologue and Retrologue as well. Wrote 2 mails to Steinberg, asking them about solutions, but heard nothing at all…