[SOLVED] Insert Lyrics in more lines at the same time / Rest


how can I insert lyrics into several lines at the same time?
I also want to insert text in rest.
We play a song with different measures. So i want to write the beat below to the score.


You can input notes, then add lyrics, then delete only the notes.

…and if you can’t countenance the idea of adding notes only to delete them, you can actually insert lyrics anywhere from the caret.

ok thanks. but how can i input text at several lines at the same time?

You can’t input lyrics onto multiple instruments at the same time, but you can select, filter, copy and multi-paste them afterwards.

Thanks to all!

I look forward to the day that we can insert lyrics across multiple staves via an expanding caret the same way we can input notes. For homophonic passages this would be a dream. (At least filter>copy>paste and filter>alt+click are quick in the meantime.)