[Solved[ Instrument Change Removes Name In Endpoint List

Using Dorico 2.2.10 on Windows 10.

When I change an instrument in Setup - Players, the name of the instrument is removed from the Play - VST Instruments - Endpoint Setup list and replaced with just the number of the track.

Is there a way in which I can refresh the Endpoint Setup list to reflect the name of the new instrument

I realise that this seems to be just a cosmetic thing as eveything appears to work but, for completeness, I thought I would just check.


If you do Play > Playback Template and reapply the playback template, that will sort this out.

Just the job, thank you.

Hello Daniel,

I came back to my score this afternoon then realised that the ARIA Player used in my present score has no playback template to reload.

Using this method, it seems that I could load the HALion template to refresh the lists, then re-open ARIA Player and reload the instruments again. Unless there is any other way.

I’ll give it a try.

Is there any documentation that describes what a Playback Template affects should one want to try to create an Aria Template?

It isn’t currently possible to create custom playback templates, but this is an area that we’re intending to greatly improve on in future versions.

Hello everyone,

Well, I have a work-around.

As mentioned, my score uses GPO5. However, loading the playback template for HALion refreshes the Endpoint list. I then have to reopen the ARIA Player to re-load instruments in ARIA, see to the settings then reassign the GPO Expression maps in the Endpoint list where the instruments are now correctly named and listed.

Extra work I know but the issue is resolved.

Thanks also to Derrek and Paul for replying. It is appreciated.


I have fixed the underlying issue with the endpoint setup dialog showing numeric IDs for deleted/changed instruments, which will be in a future version.

Hello Paul,

Thank you. That is prompt action, wonderful.