[SOLVED] Instruments missing from IAA

In the Media - Instruments - Inter-App Audio list, significant instruments simply don’t show up, yet they do appear in other apps, like Garage Band. Notably missing: Korg Module, Wizdom’s very popular Geoshred, any of the excellent Rock Drummer apps. This is consistent, despite force-quitting and reopening Cubasis, opening the missing apps first. Cubasis just doesn’t seem to see them. Is there a solution or a fix planned? Thanks. iPad Pro 12.9"/128 Cubasis latest update, ditto all other apps, iOS 9.3.2

Some instruments don’t fully follow the IAA spec. For these

  1. create an audio track

  2. click on routing

  3. click on mono input

  4. change it to “inter-app”

  5. choose your IAA instrument from this list

  6. create a new MIDI track

  7. click on routing

  8. point it to your instrument

  9. also set the MIDI track instrument to no instrument
    (Otherwise you will hear both the Cubasis piano and your IAA)


  • This is why we want all instruments be updated to AU, as IAA has been quite substandard


Thank you! Brilliant.

Hi Robert0,

IAA allows to route audio, MIDI and effects between Cubasis (host) and compatible node apps in realtime. There are three basic types of nodes:

  • Effects can be set as insert or send effects
  • Instruments are assigned to a MIDI track and automatically receive MIDI from Cubasis
  • Generators are inputs for audio tracks

It depends on the app manufacturer what type of nodes are available.
IAA apps that are not listed as instruments (only for audio track inputs) are in fact IAA generators (= only for audio tracks) and not IAA instruments, i.e. they cannot receive MIDI via IAA (only via CoreMIDI).

Thanks to David for providing the step to load IAA instruments that are provided as “IAA generators”.

For more infomration and step descriptions how to load the various types of IAA effects, instruments and generators please refer to the Accessories/Inter-App Audio chapter in the Cubasis in-app help.


Thanks so much, this workaround brought the rest of my synths and instruments into play inside Cubasis (no small thing, that’s 30+ favorites I thought I had to forgo, if I were to make Cubasis my “main chick”)

Interesting, this isn’t only for the generators, it sorts out instruments that Cubasis does recognize and list (for example Animoog, Z3ta+ and others) that Cubasis “freeze” function doesn’t work with…the 2 track method noted above produces lovely audio tracks from these lovely synths…so glad I stopped in here to see this post, I’d been tempted to delete Animoog and Z3ta+ in preference for a Cubasis workflow…