[SOLVED] Inter App auto switch

Hi, can I ask you to add simple but comfortable feature to future Cubasis updates?

For recording guitar I use line6 MobilePod app, and when i finished with one track and want to start recording next, Cubasis don’t allow connect MobilePod (or any other IAA) until I shut down it from the previous track. It is very uncomfortable each time to search the track to turn off the IAA, especially if a lot of tracks. After all, if I want to connect MobilePod to a new track, I mean it is no longer needed for the previous one.

Maybe add automatic shutdown the IAA from any track in the project, if I connect this IAA to another track?


Hi Kyvalin,

Thanks for the comment.

I’d suggest to do it the other way round:

  • Create an audio track, assign Mobile Pod via IAA
  • Record your guitar track
  • Move the recorded guitar track to an empty track
  • Record next guitar track


Oh, that’s very good idea. thanks!)