[SOLVED] Inter-App

Can anybody out there let me know how to use other apps on my iPad. In particular am trying to use the Insert Effects to use Bias Amp or Amp Kit or Amplitude to process my electric guitar signal. I can choose the apps in the Inter-App effects but nothing happens. No signal is being sent to the app and no signal is returning to Cubasis. Not sure if I am missing something???

Hi JonProudfoot,

Thank you for your message.

Gave AmpliTube CS for iPad a short check with Cubasis 3 on the iPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen:

  • Launch Cubasis 3 and create an audio track
  • Import an audio file to the audio track
  • Assign “AmpliTube CS for iPad” as insert effect to audio track via Inter-App Audio
  • Start playback


  • Imported audio file is played back with guitar effect from AmpliTube CS


  • Cubasis 3.0, AmpliTube Ver. 4.10.0 (9K28), iPad 12.9" 1st Gen with iOS 13.3,

Please let me know where things go wrong at your end.


Thanks Lars

I have done all that and seemingly exhausted all possibilities. The Inter-App apps are not receiving and input from Cubasis and are not sending signal back as a result. Cubasis sends me to Amplitude CS when I select but there is no sound. I have the play, record and return to Cubasis button in Amplitude CS but there is no signal to use!!


Hi Jon,

Did you try the exact steps above?
What iPad device do you have in use?


Hi Jon,

Here is a short example clip for you: https://we.tl/t-Rrkq86EHRy


if you do not hear your sim amps go to Cubasis set up page, choose audio, turn on background audio., don’t turn on background audio in bias fx or amplitude, you will never know if its coming through cubase