[Solved] Inter-System Spacing Not Applied To Last Two Systems

In a piano / vocal score, I have set the inter-system gap to 6 spaces (Setup > Layout Otions > Vertical Spacing). The last two systems, are on top of each other with no space although the rest of the score has spacing between the systems.

I had selected the whole score in the options but also tried selecting the piano and singer staves individually with the same result.

I know I can manually drag the staves in “Engrave > Staff spacing” but can anyone suggest why Dorico seems to not apply the settings to the whole score.


I’m not in front of Dorico right now, but, from memory, there are percentage-based justification settings on the Layout Options > Vertical spacing page that you need to tweak.

By default if a page isn’t x% full then the gaps between staves/systems wont be justified (you need to do it manually).

Hello again Pianoleo,

That was it. I experimented by changing the page-full % and those last two systems responded.

I reset it back again and manually adjusted those last two systems. I’ve marked this topic “Solved”.