[SOLVED] iPad and iPhone versions included in single purchase?


I would like to upgrade to Cubasis 3 but don’t know if you have to buy the iPhone and iPad versions separately or is the iPhone version included for free when you buy the iPad version?

Cubasis 3 is an universal app, which includes both, the iPad and iPhone version.


Well…I just inadvertently purchased this from my iPhone App Store and want/need it on my iPad, instead. They use the same account, however, it’s not showing as purchased on my iPad. Of course I can screw THIS up. :man_facepalming:t2:

Any help/suggestions?

Mine took several hours to show up that I’d already purchased it.

Hi brianiac5150,

It should appear on both devices, when being logged-in with the same account.

You might give it a try to launch the App Store on the given device, and search for Cubasis 3.
Here it should be normally possible to start the download install procedure.

Please let me know if this helps to solve the problem!


100% correct, Lars. It seems more an App Store issue than anything else. Much thanks for your reply.

While I (presumably) have your attention: in searching my issue and forum browsing; I see you’re quite active here and helpful to the entire community. THANK YOU! Product support is a huge ingredient for us simple consumers and you’re definitely showing awesome value, along with Steinberg’s Team. All the best.

Thank you very much, brianiac5150!
Stay safe and well!


Great thank you. All sorted. It just took a few hours to show up as already purchase but all good now thanks.

Great, thanks for the update, dickiefunk!

Stay well,