[SOLVED] Ipad extra Storage and Cubasis?


Am hoping someone can help with the following, prior to me purchasing Cubasis. I had a quick search but could’nt find anything, apologies if there is info on here.

If I purchased extra storage for an ipad e.g a hub or flash drive (not 100% what is out there but you get my drift) to give me extra space as I only have a 16Gb Ipad will Cubasis see this drive/hub??

If so I assume that I could then open and save Cubasis projects to the drive? thus overcoming the storage limitations of the 16Gb ipad

Thanks in advance

Hi Steve,

With our recent 1.9.8 update, Cubasis supports iCloud Drive, external hard drives & wireless flash drives.
This option has been added to easily exchange projects and files between the iPad and supported devices.

Please make sure to use an iPad-compatible drive such as Leef iBridge, SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive or similar.

Best wishes,

Great news! Thanks very much Lars

Sorry just thought of this, if my audio interface is using the lightning connection then having a wireless storage device would be the best option, so I would not have to plug it in/out and disrupt my workflow…

Can you give me some recommendations on compatible devices with ipad/cubasis please??

Sorry, that will be it after this, ta :slight_smile:

Would give SanDisk’s connect wireless devices a try …


Thank you Lars

Hi I’ve just purchased a Samsung t7 will this sync up also. Sorry entering a new relm after using a computer for so long, so my knowledge is next to none.

Thanks jamie

Hi Jamie,

I would give Google a search for the Samsung device and the iPad, to check if this combo works.
if so, at least it should be possible to backup and/or transfer projects via Apple’s Files app.

Hope that helps!
Please let us know how you proceed.