SOLVED - Ipad red banner cubasis recording

I have been using cubasis for only a few days. Seemed to run correctly. But now when I leave the app a red banner appears top of screen which says Cubasis recording. I have shut down the iPad numerous times. It remains. Can someone help me? Interestingly I’m using the dictation software for this message and Cubasis recording message disappears while I’m recording this. And of course when I hit done the Cubasis message returns. Is the iPad memory slowly being used? This can’t be good.

this red banner tells you that you are in background audio mode!

Hi DW,

You have two choices:
a) Close Cubasis via iOS multitasking (double click the home button and swipe Cubasis to the top to close it)
b) In the Cubasis setup disable “background audio”.

Thanks soo much. I disabled background audio. Voila. I was confused because I had shut down but that didn’t do it.
I appreciate you assistance.

Hi DW,

That goes for any other app that features background audio, not only for Cubasis.

Disabling “Background Audio” might not be the best solution, since now you won’t be able to switch between different audio apps while keeping your Cubasis project playing.

All you need to do is properly close Cubasis, clicking the home button doesn’t close any app, it just leaves it running in the background. As mentioned before, you need to double-click the home button and then close the apps you want to close by swiping them up.

I too had the same issue, only using for a few days, first DAW on ipad. re-installed , etc. thanks for the tips

Hey thanks for the info

The issue can be resolved in an update by Steinberg as other devs have removed this red bar from their apps with updates.

I do hope it makes it to the feature request list :slight_smile: