[SOLVED] iPad Storage

HI guys,

I mainly use Cubase, but I’ve been really pleased with the way Cubasis has evolved on the iPad.

I have a question about storage, according to my storage settings Cubase takes up 703MB which is fine, the Document nets and Data weigh in at 8.8GB, this seems a little hefty. I have imported about 50MB of WAV files to try out MiniSampler, and I don’t have any projects.

Luckily I have a 64GB RAM but this still excessive, is this 8.8 GB typical, if so what does it consist of?

King regards,

George Wood

Hi George,

Gave it a quick check on my iPad and the installed Cubasis 1.9.5 version shows up with a bit more than 600 MB here (some projects, some data has been created).

Please double check with the number of projects or other data you have saved with Cubasis, this can easily lead to massive amount of data in this area. Might make sense to backup these on a regular basis.


Hi Lars,

For some reason Cubasis is really using up all my memory, 700MB for the App and now 11GB for the sample data; please see the screenshot.

I’ve also included the links to a .WAV file and the .CBI so you can see exactly what I’m doing.I have created about 7 or 8 samples using this method, I have both FX packs installed too. I used the file Browser to copy the WAV files over to the iPad, I had a look through all the folders but couldn’t see anything that would account for 11GB.

Screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7nR5jU4i_BCQlUwaWRvazBqRms/view?usp=sharing

Cubasis files: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7nR5jU4i_BCfjk4YTZyRmhRcXJlN1RDcldaVVZ3OURtYTkyUmdXMl9IaU5jZXplTkJHVkE&usp=sharing

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

George Wood

Here I have 703 MB for the app and 130 MB for projects and data. Cubasis 1.9.5 IOS 8.3 Ipad Air.

I’ve got a couple of versions of a many tracked project and backups, plus some mixdowns and various files imported from other apps, and that is all of 5G. So something definitely sounds off.

If you have something like iFunbox it may be easier, but either in iTunes in the AppShare window or in Cubasis in the Media folders is where all the data should be. Maybe check the Trash first (tip - a long press on the trash icon will empty the trash), but the offender must be in one of these folders…
…you didn’t happen to mistakenly record a 13 hour long stereo wave did you? -that would be about an 8G file :wink:

Certainly seems mysterious - let us know if you find it…

Hi buddy,

Thanks for your help, I’d done an exhaustive search already, so it’s good to confirm I’m looking in the right places.

It’s time to backup my instruments and WAVs, and delete / reinstall.


George Wood

Got it,

Not sure how but I had 91 backups in the Test project I’d been using, they were pretty big and were taking up a LOT of space. - This folder: /Projects/Test.cbp/Backup/


Does anyone know why there would be so many of these backups, have I been doing something wrong to have created these.

Kind regards,

George Wood