[SOLVED] IRig Keys controller triggering all instruments at the same time .

i remember having this happen sometime in my life… and can’t see to google or search what i’m looking for… maybe because of the wording ?

I am using Cubasis on an iPad Air 2 or something…
I have a piano midi track (1)
and a midi drum loop track (2)

I have a new IRigs keys I/O controller connected via Lighting connector (as supplied with the Irig).

If i hit a note on the keyboard, BOTH instruments are triggered (even if i dont ‘arm’ them)… Of course , if i made them, they will not sound.
i haven’t touched anything in the routing section of cubasis (all tracks show ALL, OFF and 1/2)

Is there something in the IRIG keyboard settings which i need to set ?.


Hi bichon,

Please make sure MIDI Input Only for Armed Track is enabled in Setup/MIDI.
Please let me know if this helps to solve the issue.


hi !
That did the trick !
thanks !

Thanks for the update.
Glad to hear that helped to solve the issue.