[SOLVED] Is it available? midi file import?

Hi, there

I have interesting to cubasis for midi editing

  1. is it available midi file import on cubasis from itunes?

  2. is it available midi multi track editing? (e.g Midi Piano track and Midi Bass Track both editing)

  1. You can import audio files from your iTunes library. Go to MediaBay -> Select Audio -> Tap Import -> Select iPod Import.
    However, your iTunes library doesn’t support MIDI files in the first place, so I would recommend using iTunes File Sharing or the WiFi server.

  2. When opening a MIDI file, Cubasis loads each instrument on a different track and assigns a fitting instrument to it, so you have all tracks available for editing. To edit a MIDI event, double tap it (you can only edit one MIDI event with the Key Editor at a time).

Thanks so much Uphys!!

then, can i midi file editing available on cubasis what if i do input to ipad?

also, i want to know cubasis available midi multi track editing at once ?

looks like this (please check below line’s attachement)
when i used cubase or logic always like do this (2 track editing at once)

please give me an advise!

Multitrack editing currently isn’t available.
You can however switch quickly from one event to another by double tapping it while the key editor is still open.