(Solved) Is there a way to have chords displayed with their enharmonic equivalent?

I am writing a piece which is in Gb major. I have written the guitar part as normal but through experience of working with guitarists; many if not most, prefer to read sharp keys instead of flats. I have copied the guitar part, created a new F# maj key sig just for that part (using Shift K then 5#, Alt enter) and changed the notes (using transpose by dim 2nd and unflagging 'Keep relative respelled…) but although I get the enharmonic chords I need, it has changed EVERY chord throughout every rhythm section instrument. Is there a way to display 2 versions of the same chord but with them being described enharmonically different?


edit. I think I have answered my own question and that is no. Dorico only uses one chord ‘track’. Never mind, I’ll just do that part separately.

Unfortunately at the moment you can only respell a chord symbol for an instrument with a given transposition. For example, you can respell a chord symbol on a B flat instrument by editing it and changing only the root: this will affect the spelling of the chord symbol for that and other B flat instruments, but will leave other instruments unaffected. But of course a guitar (while transposing by an octave) is essentially a non-transposing instrument, so changing the spelling there will change the spelling everywhere.

We do plan to make it easier to add chord symbols just for one player in future, but I’m afraid there’s no practical way to do this at the moment.

Hello Daniel,
is there any update on this? It’s a feature that I really miss and I just wanted to bump this up :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, KateM. There’s no news on this at the moment, I’m afraid, but all of these things remain on our backlog and in our plans.

Alright, thank you for the answer. Hello to you too and love Dorico by the way! Can’t wait for the next updates, but it’s been really revolutionary for me so far.