[Solved] Is there an automated way to break a double dotted note?

Is there an automated way (like a notation option) to break a double dotted notes?

I have a movement imported from XML with a lot of double dotted notes, like this:

I would like to break the notes all at once (if possible) like this:

I looked it up in the notation options but nothing I did worked.

I found it!

Notation Options… -> Note Grouping -> Rhythm dots -> Maximum number of rhythm dots allowed in simple beats

Now I am looking a way to transform dotted quarter notes into quarter notes tied to eights…

I’m not sure we have such an option. Can you say a little bit more about the context? Is this also within the same 2/2 meter as your earlier example?

The problem of having images showing the options available has the disadvantage of users not reading explanation only in text…like me…

The Notation Options shows what I want to achieve (this division is exact what I have here, but in 2/2). After some attempts I finally read that this part only applies to four beat time signatures. So, changing to 4/4 worked exactly the way I wanted. I searched a way to fake a 2/2 using the division of 4/4, but I didn’t find an option to do that (like in Finale, where you can set a time signature and show other numbers). Perhaps I am missing something.

You could use text to produce something that looks like a 2/2 time signature (though you’ll need two text objects to do so), copying and pasting the 2 from here. As yet you cannot show one time signature but have it behave as another time signature.

You could add a 4/4 time signature to the second bar and hide it. Then you would only have to fiddle with note values and force duration in the first bar.

I second Florian’s solution, it might be faster than tweaking with text objects…

Great solution! I’ll try it. Thanks!

It worked perfectly! That is why I like Dorico so much. With the correct options and two clicks we can change the appearance of an entire work to fit our needs.