[Solved]-ish: Is it possible to remove a lyric extender line?

I am using the Lyric tool to enter stickings into a mallet piece. The tied note is producing a lyric extender line. Is there a way to remove that line, or not have it show up?
Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 12.52.58 PM.png

Edit: I see in Engrave mode that I can drag the line into non-existence, which is a useful work around for the moment.

Just in case you’re not aware - there are designated playing techniques for sticking under Unpitched percussion.

Besides using Engrave mode, you could also just select one of your R’s from one of your sixteenth notes (because they have no lyric extender) and then alt+click that to your half note. This doesn’t create a lyric extender, and would obviously be useful any time a lyric extender isn’t wanted, whether for actual lyrics or not.