[SOLVED] Issues with Dorico 3.5 and NotePerformer 3.3.1


I am new to these forums so bare with me. I recently updated to Dorico 3.5 as a means to an end of fixing a problem I had with Dorico 3.1. However, a new problem has arisen and the old one still hasn’t fixed itself.

The first issue I have run into is that NotePerformer is being automatically blacklisted with Dorico 3.5. From scrolling through older forums, I know I’m not the first person to run into this issue, but I also was unable to find any proper fixes to the issue in any of the old forums, so I figured I’d put my issue on the table as well.

In following one of the old fixes that was listed, I was able to manually remove NotePerformer from the blacklist by editing the .XML file in the AppData and running AudioEngine3 in the Dorico 3.5 files. This managed to get NotePerformer running on one of my projects. This is where the next two issues come in.

First, the instrument preset had changed my entire orchestral ensemble into a choir of trumpets. Going into the settings for NotePerformer, I could find no reason or no fix for this. Every instrument (including percussion) had become a Trumpet.
The second issue (which is the same one I originally had with Dorico 3.1) is that playback will slow down to about half the speed that is written and the audio becomes extremely distorted and unrecognizable. This issue began only yesterday when my e-Licenser for whatever reason deactivated and I was forced to re-input my activation code from when I purchased Dorico 3 last year.

There is also an issue where occasionally upon startup, the window will read “Audio engine process has died” and I am forced to force-close the program in the Task manager.

I’ve attached a diagnostic report for a normal start of Dorico 3.5, without any of the edits to the Blacklist or other fixes. It’s just a typically dry run.

Hope I can get some help. Thanks.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (274 KB)

First to the blacklisting. There is a problem with the vstscanner and you need an update for it. Please send mail to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’ and I’ll send you instructions.
For the slowing down and distorted sound, that is a known bug in NotePerformer. Wallander Instruments have a fix for it, but I think it is not publicly available, yet. Please get in touch with them and ask for the latest beta version.
Regarding the reassignment of all instruments, try following: Go to Play Mode and from the menu choose Play > Playback Template and in the upcoming dialog the NotePerformer template. That shall reset everything again.

Thanks Ulf,

I just sent an email regarding the vstscanner and will be contacting Wallander as well about the NotePerformer Beta. Let me know if you don’t receive anything.

Yes, received. I’ve just sent you a reply.

Yes, thank you. That solved the blacklist issue perfectly, and in the process also fixed the instrumentation issue with the Playback Template. I’m still having the issue with playback speed and distortion, but I have contacted Wallander Instruments about this. Hopefully that issue will be sorted out soon. Thanks for all the help, Ulf!

You are more than welcome