[solved!] Just a question before I "Remove unavailable plugins from all collections"

“Remove unavailable plugins from all collections” :scream: sounds scary, right? But also cool if it works.

It’s from the VST Plug-in manager where you set up collections in the right pane, for those who haven’t run across it. I’ve seen it before and pretended it wasn’t real. Now I’m just curious if anybody has tried this and if it worked as expected or worked more than expected and gave you a little too much free disk space to feel totally comfortable? Did did this command destroy anything, in other words? Is there some nifty way to back up something just in case?

This command just removes dead entries from your collections, that means plugins that are not in your VST folders anymore (because you uninstalled them e.g.). If it actually deleted plugins from you hard drive, like you alluded, it would be a serious bug. Apart from that Cubase should not have the permissions to delete files from C:\Program Files (speaking for windows here, no idea about Mac) anyway, unless you did something naughty, like running Cubase as Administrator, or changing permissions on the VST directories.

Regarding Backup: your regular Backup that you do from your computer should suffice :wink:

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Yeah, of course! But it’s better to ask one question too many than to press one unknown button too many! :scream: :grin:
Thanxz anyway!