[SOLVED] just downloaded cubasis but no icon is shown...


i am very new into my ipad air 2 with ios 8.1, sorry!
i hope someone can help me?

i just bought and downloaded an app which is shown on my ipad.
after this succesful installation i bought cubasis and downloaded it too.
but there is no cubasis icon shown on the desktop (is this the right word for a mobile device?) of my ipad.
after a little search I found the cubasis icon in itunes at the place which shows all my apps.
i can see the first app i downloaded and i can see the cubasis icon.
besides the cubasis icon there is a button on which i can read INSTALLIERN (what means install).
but if i hit the button nothing happens.
what do i have to do, to get cubasis installed on my ipad air 2?
thanks a lot for your help!!

greetings, halfenlson

i used the time waiting for the realese of my topic
to synchronise itunes with my ipad. that helped.
now i can see the cubasis icon and i also could start
the app. everything is OK now. sorry, for my eagerness.
greetings, halfnelson


glad you got it to work and welcome to Cubasis! :sunglasses: