[Solved] Key command for soloing a specific track

Is it possible to create a key command for soloing a specific track using the project logical editor and macros?
The aim is to press a single button for soloing a predefined track at any time or place in Cubase.

You can select the specific track and press letter s

hope this helps,

Just gave this a quick look…you can do it by using the track name quite easily.
Works for audio or group tracks but with instruments with multi outs I couldn’t get it working reliably.

So lets say this track is called SoloTrack

IN PLE set Name/Equal/SoloTrack in the top and TrackOperation/Solo/Toggle in the bottom.

Save that preset and you can assign it a key command…no need for Macro in this case.

Of course you will need to always name the track or edit the PLE preset to suit.

My intention was especially to work this out without selecting the track manually.

Many thanks! This was the answer I was hoping for. I am still working my way through the logical editor and I didn’t want to fumble around before knowing that it is accomplishable at all.