(solved) Key Command/Generic Remote to do THIS:

Hi All,
I’ve been searching endlessly for a key command or Generic Remote target that could accomplish this:

When I’m selecting a MIDI track in my project window I want to call up the VST Instrument Channel Settings window for its related output.

Now this is easy enough to do when the VST has only one output, you just use the Generic Remote target “Edit: VST Mixer”. But what if my VST was multitimbral with multiple outputs.how does it know what audio output corresponds to the MIDI channel I’ve selected?

Let me explain by example. Say I have Kontakt, and I’ve got 10 different separate outputs from it. Then I create 10 MIDI channels, each going to a different patch inside Kontakt, and each corresponding to a different audio out. I want to be able to select MIDI channel 3, and then hit my key command/Generic Remote target, and have it call up the VST Channel Settings Window for audio output 3.


Also, I’d like it so that channel selection never leaves the MIDI track. This way I can continue to play my keyboard and get sound.

What was your solution?