(SOLVED) Key Commands not all working

Hi, I am running Cubasis 3.6.5 on an Ipad 9th gen os 17.5
I have connected an ext Qwerty keyboard. This functions fine on Pages Documents, but in Cubasis using the Key commands, the space bar does nothing and neither do the arrow keys, the other commands appear to be working. How can I solve this?

Hi @hamishflute

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis includes two keyboard shortcut template presets.
Please find the keyboard shortcut feature described in the “Setup” chapter of the Cubasis help:


Hope that helps.


Thanks for the quick response ,Lars
I have just found out what the problem is. I went to accessability/keyboard and disabled ‘Full keyboard access’ All well now!
Thanks again

Hi @hamishflute

Thanks for the update! Glad to read you’ve been able to resolve the issue!

Enjoy using Cubasis,

Thanks for this info. Unfortunately, ‘Full Keyboard Access’, as implemented by Apple, is a misnomer. For example, with Full Keyboard Access turned On, open a blank Numbers spreadsheet and try to type a phrase into a cell. Pressing the Spacebar will immediately move the focus to another part of the screen. I found that I was not able to type spaces in a lot of apps until I turned ‘Full Keyboard Access’ Off. It’s a nuisance setting, IMO.