[SOLVED] Key editor note selection

If I select a note in the Cubasis key editor by clicking on it, do the edit, then move to another note and click on that, both notes end up been selected. This means I have to click in empty space to deselect the notes then click again the one I want to edit. Shouldn’t the correct action be only the note that needs editing is highlighted/selected?

Hi Brasso,

We’ve released a dedicated tutorial, when introducing the revised MIDI editor back with Cubasis 2.1.
Please let me know, if the MIDI Editor Improvements Tutorial is helpful, to solve your issues.


Thanks Lars, no it doesn’t. I use Cubase on PC and am used to using midi editors. I will try and explain. In Cubasis, for example, I have a single line melody - let’s say a Cmajor scale. I click on the note C and it is highlighted. I move it, say, to be on the beat. I then want to do the same to the D note. If I don’t click in a blank space to deselect the C before I click on the D, both notes end up been highlighted. On my version of Cubase on the PC if I click on the D then note selection automatically moves to the D and leaves the C unselected - there is no need to click in the blank space. Perhaps the method on Cubasis is different and I will just have to get used to it - but it is annoying when one is used to working in one way. Thanks for your help.

Ok - thanks for your time. Just checked and I had [select] highlighted not [draw] Apologies for not looking! Slaps head!

Thanks for the update, Brasso.
Glad to hear the issue is solved!