SOLVED: Keyboard- and mouse-related wierdness!

Got some really odd behaviour going on here, affecting all version going back to 5 (so I don’t think it’s case of trashing prefs…)

Modifier keys aren’t working at all, it seems - Ctrl-Z operates the Zoom, for example. Working fine outside Cubase though (e.g. Notepad and Windows itself), which would seem to discount the machine as the problem.

The Range Tool acts perfectly normally up until I use a keypress, after which it no longer selects a range, it just marks the position where I click but won’t allow me to extend it. Neither, at this point, can I multi-select with the Select Tool.

Bizarrely though, if I Alt-Tab away (even just to the Mixer) and then back, Range and multi-select are working again but I can re-trigger the problem with any keypress. And it has to be Alt-Tab away and then back, just clicking to another program and back doesn’t perform the reset. Toggling the Alt key alone doesn’t reset, (so far) it has to be Alt-Tab…

Full spec below. I’m still using 8.0.35, so no recent upgrades to point the finger at, other than Windows ones, but Windows is working fine… (and it’ s not BFD, I just deleted the dll but same problem)

It’s frying my brains so has anyone got any ideas, please?

Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Cubase 8.0.35 64-bit

Focusrite Saffire LE (FW400) v.1.6
Dell XPS 8100 Desktop

  • CPU: Intel i7 860 @ 2.80 GHz (HT OFF, C-State OFF, SpeedStep ON, TurboBoost OFF)
  • Chipset: Intel H57
  • RAM: 4 x 2 GB DDR3-1333 MHz
  • HDD: Non-RAID, 2 x 1TB Samsung HD103SJ (7,200 RPM; DTR: 250 MB/sec; Latency: 4.17 ms)
  • Grafix: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series (8.850.0.0)

I’m sure you already restarted your computer.
Other than that you should maybe try another keyboard

And please confirm that this is in new empty projects (not from template) rather than the same possibly corrupt project or template being opened in all versions.

Thanks for the suggestions, Grim :slight_smile: Keyboard works fine elsewhere but you never know, I suppose. I’ll have to go borrow one… and a mouse…

Can also confirm that this is happening with a new empty project, so empty in fact that there’s not even a track in it. But it’s been happening back to Cubase 5, which is the worrying bit…

New keyboard, no difference… :frowning:

Cracked it and what a relief! It was Synergy wot dunnit… See this thread on their forum:

Edit: Synergy is now working again with no problems in Cubase. See above thread for updated comments.

Synergy, in case anyone needs to know, is a keyboard- and mouse-sharing app. And before I get into trouble, I must just add that I like Synergy and would recommend it. It works very well. So well, in fact, that I paid for it!

Steinberg, you can close that support request that links here now. Thanks.

I use Mouse Without Borders from the Microsoft Garage project. It’s beats the heck out of Synergy (works from all connected machines for example!), and I actually paid for Synergy as well…

I used to use MWB but it wasn’t available for Linux, which is on my other machine, so that’s why I switched. Thanks for reminding me about it, though. I remember I did like it too…