[Solved] Lane order issue

I was recording 1 mic. With 1mono buss. 1 audio track.

Lane activated

-start recording and after 1h30min, a bug
-I took one of the event that was under (with the priority to play), and put it from lane 8 to lane 3.
-The color of the events on lane 7 did not un"greyout".
-The old event (that was playing in lane 8, but was on lane 3 now) was still playing.

Happend 4 times practicaly the same way (not the same lane numbers…) in a 5h session.

Any one has experienced this ?

Well I understand What’s happening,

Lane Event are NOT Following the “Mute/Unmute Objects” fonction.

If a muted event is prioritize … nothing will play event if there is an event under it.

This was not the case in older versions of nuendo.

Muted event used to let the next (unmuted) event play. NOT POSSIBLE ANYMORE ! WHY ?

Loading old projects becomes dangerous because of the new behavior.

If you had a Muted event on top of a other file in a laned track. NO SOUND WILL PLAY…

Any one has a workaround ?


Turn of the preference: “Treat muted events as deleted”

EDIT: I meant turn ON the pref of course…


Ok thanx ! i’ll try that !

Works ! …Sorry …no bug here…