[SOLVED] Limited amount of audio tracks

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch, 3rd gen, WiFi, 1 TB, Model MTFR2FD/A
iOS 12.1.4
Cubasis 2.7

The project is a mix of MIDI and audio tracks, in total 55 tracks.
Audio tracks <= track position 44 are played. Audio tracks >= track position 45 are silent. If I move a track from a position >= 45 to a position <= 44 this track is played.

There are no underrun/overrun issues and DSP/CPU load is ok, if either the internal audio device or a Focusrite Scarlet 18i20 2nd gen is used.

Audio out is routed to 1+2 + 7+8 for all tracks via Cubasis, or alternatively to 1+2 or 7+8 via AUM.

What could cause the audio track limit?

There are several tracks with just a single recording on those tracks. If the recording of a track that can be played is muted, the next previously silent track can be played. Muting a track gains nothing. Is there a way to troubleshoot the issue? If there would be not enough memory, I would expect to get a notification. If it should be related to DSP/CPU load, I would expect to see something by the meter that displays the CPU load or at least to hear underrun/overrun related audio glitches.

Hi unknown crewman,

Please check Setup/Polyphonie and set to 128.

best Jan

Hi Jan,

thank you. The value for Setup/Audio/Polyphony was 16. Changing Polyphony to 128 apparently solved the issue. Testing is incomplete, since I don’t have time to work on this project right now. I marked the issue as solved, but I can’t say yet, if I really got rid of the limitation.


Hi unknown crewman,
Hi All,

thank you for your Input !

please note that voice reproduction in cubasis is limited to 128 voices, this includes midi voices and audio tracks.

  • 128 audio tracks = 128 voices
  • 128 midi notes = 128 voices
  • 64 audio tracks + 64 midi notes = 128 Voices