[SOLVED]Logical Edit presets are greyed out

Logical Edit presets are greyed out, but they are in the N5.5 > Presets folder…
How can I reset the prefs so Nuendo finds them, wierd…
A registry entry? Would rather skip a reinstall :wink:


I have copy my presets from 5.1 to 5.5 version after install update.

Well, I copied the Logical Edit folder from my stationary computer where this actually work, but still not recognized… Hmm

before you looking at the logical editor menue, try clicking on a track in the editor view, not mixer view and see if they still grey out?

Thanks, but sorted it out. I had three Steinberg app data folders, and somehow only some files in the preset folder were installed in 5.5. Just copied them over and it’s all good :wink: