[Solved] logical editor insert function

hey there,

Can someone give me an example: how to use the insert function of the logical editor for a midi track? This would be a great help. There are no example presets in my Cubase 7.5 :question:

Well, that would depend upon what you wanted to insert, wouldn’t it :wink:.
You could use it to double a melody line one octave higher (and even a few MIDI ticks later, and possibly with a lower velocity)
Or, every time you move your modwheel (i.e. CC#1), it could also transmit CC#11 (maybe even on a different MIDI channel).
In fact there are a couple of “Insert” presets in the Logical Editor Presets subfolder “Experimental” (not terribly useful ones though :wink: )

yes, it works. It can even generate random notes and scale them. Great tool! :sunglasses:
I found the sample directory too. “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7.5\Presets\Logical Edit\Note Expression”
just looking for a way to make them visible in Cubase 7.5 :wink:

All right, I found this great tutorial to solve this.(%appdata% is the place to be :slight_smile: )