*SOLVED* Longer Track Names - I use a lot of long descriptive titles in my track naming that get cut off

Why can’t users just define their own length of track names? At least up to 30 or something? It should only auto-shorten the names based on track width.

But you can! 30? That’s nuthin. :wink:

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ouuuuhhhhh I figure it out… sneaky sneaky


Sorry guys but where is the option? I couldn’t find it :confused:

Within the Inspector settings. Click the Cog, It lets you select how the item is displayed.


see screenshot

Question: how did someone reach 30 characters, I see a max threshold of 14 characters or what am I missing here? :slight_smile: :joy:

adjust the visible controls value

thanks, where do I find that function? I can acces it in the mixer with channel visibility agents but where exactly did you change it to make it 30 characters please? thank you

its right in the picture you attached

haha, ok I guess I am stupid, but you mean this place ? (see screenshot)
here I can crank it up to 30 indeed but the track name still is limited to 14
(frankly I don’t use long descriptions, I am just curious to learn this

no, go to ‘Visible Controls’ on the same page