[Solved] Loop in Write mode?


Is there a way to loop a bar or more in writing mode and Play mode?

As it a great way to compose or arrange music.



I suppose you could set up a repeat structure and have it repeat 10x.

Than you for your reply Dankreider,

Yes, I could use repeat structure but, would prefer a DAW sequencer looping system.
To be able to loop a bar quickly, work on it during playing it, then go to the next one and so on.

I hope it will be possible in some next version of Dorico ^.^

You can always export audio and loop it in an external program too if you don’t want to use a repeat as Dan suggested.

Thank you FredGUnn,

But this kind of solution is really slow.

I dream of something like this.
In this example, it’s a drum instrument but it could be any instrument or group of instruments.

(start at 1:20)

I tried to loop using the repeats in Write mode.
It’s very nice :sunglasses:

Just that the notes I move or add are not modified by the player
but if I stop and play again it gets played properly.

Thank you :smiley: