[Solved] Lower Zone and Chord Pads -> Crash

Cubase Pro 9.0.30 consistently crashes on my system when I:

  1. open the Lower Zone in an empty project
  2. select the Chord Pads tab in it, and then
  3. try to move to another tab within the Lower Zone.

Here is a couple of crash dumps:


Can you have a look at this issue, please? Thanks in advance!


Cannot reproduce.

I’ve never see this. I’d try re-setting the preferences as a first step. It may not solve this problem, but it often solves odd little things that come up from time to time.


thanks for your replies. Interestingly enough, the issue was not in my preferences but in my project template that I was using from Cubase 8.0 version. The crashes went away when I used one of the factory templates or when I created my own new template from scratch.

Best regards