[SOLVED] Manual available? Handbuch vorhanden?

Where can I Download it?

Hi TabSel,

The manual team is finalizing it and hopefully we will be uploading it tomorrow! I will keep you updated!
This doesn’t mean Cubasis doesn’t come with documentation, in fact the documentation in the app is very complete. :slight_smile:

I sure hope though, as it will reflect the overall feature set I will base my buyers decision on :wink:

That’s very important for me as well.
I was going to buy Auria tomorrow, but depending on the features of Cubasis I might change my mind.

The manual still isnt available? At least I cant find it in the support area

will be nice to have a manual first. i want also to buy this app. i buyed a lot of trash apps in the last time, so having a manual first shows what the app can do and what not. i think this helps steinberg also to sell more of this apps.

Hi there,

We are tweaking the last details of the manual, should be available today. I will post the link here when it’s uploaded! :slight_smile:

Here it is, thanks for waiting!