SOLVED MARKERS: selection in arrangement window doesnt follow

Selecting a marker in the arrangement window does’t select the same marker in the inspector


Double-click to the marker in the arrangement, to select it in the Inspector, please.

Single-click = ready to be edited.
Double-click = the cursor jumps to the position.

Doesn’t work here. Have you tried?


Yes, I have tried it. See attached video, please.

It doesn’t work for cycle markers

Well there we have it…


It is specified like this. When you double-click to the (Single) Marker, the cursor jumps to the Marker. Then the Marker window follows. If you double-click to the Cycle Marker, the Left-Right locator is set accordingly. But the cursor doesn’t jump to the Left Locator then, so it’s not even selected in the Marker window. Once you would start to play from the Left Locator the Marker window would follow.

From my point of view, this is a feature request. Once you double-click to the Cycle Marker, the Left-Right Locators jump to the Cycle Marker and the Cursor jumps to the Cycle Marker Start (Left Locator). Am I right?

Yes, imo, both the locators and cursor should move to cycle markers.

Also, Sync Selection should be two-way which I suggested here: