[solved] Mediabay- browse location definition

I clicked the “remove browse location definition” button in Mediabay with “All Media” selected.

I no longer have the “File System” entry in the location browser. I am left with the User Content folder in Mediabay and Loop Browser, but in Sound Browser all locations are still there.

I thought I would be able to add it back, but cannot see how. Clicking “Add” gives me a dialog box titled “Set Location Name” which seems to do nothing.

A little help? Or should I just buy a new computer?



edited (in italics) for clarity

How would that help? :unamused:

A look through the Knowledge Base might make something click. :wink:

How long have you been using Cubase? :confused:

Nate, your response isn’t particularly helpful. Indeed I checked the Knowledgebase. I suppose your other comments are meant as sarcasm. Sometimes this type of humor is sometimes lost in print; to wit, my comment about buying a new computer.

Anyway, my problem added up to user error. I had activated “use current location as base location” in the Mediabay Preferences.

It wasn’t obvious to me that that command hides entries in that pane, instead I expected it to set the default starting location only, and the fact that I had removed a location in the Locations pane was just a red herring.

Thanks anyway!


Sorry it came across as sarcasm, wasn’t meant that way.

I believe in the addage give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish… . :wink:

and he’ll smell of fish for the rest of his life? is that the one? dunno … :confused:

No worries on the is/is not sarcasm…

Yes, smells like fish, I think that’s correct. Well, it feels correct. :bulb: Is that the right emoticon?

Wait. uh.

Seriously, I agree with M. Mitten.