[SOLVED] Mediabay freezes cubase

Im using Cubase 8.0.5 64 bit when I open the mediabay and click on a audio file to play Cubase freezes to thee point where it must be restarted but i get the same result every time

like any audio file or a particular one? how about other media? used to happen to me but was a bit more specific.

it will preview a couple in a folder then randomly it will just freeze on one

random? for me it was a corrupted file. and it affected media bay. but it was a particular single wave file that was the problem. had to move all audio files out of media bay to find it.

[Solved] it i took your advice and It was the same problem you had a corrupted sample pack i downloaded Big thanks to you for your help

Also, there’s a “only index when mediabay is open” pref that seems somewhat relevant to mention. Not for that issue, per se.

Glad you sorted it, nice one.