[SOLVED] MediaBay, "Image construction error" update 8.0.30


Have used Cubase for many years. Never encountered something like this before. Have Cubase 8 Pro here.
But as I updated from 8.0.20 to 8.0.30 the “MediaBay” gives me this message “Image construction error” and never resolves it. Belive it effects the Groove Agent 4 SE as well because it can not show any prints of how the waveform looks. how ever if i zoom in in the Groove Agent I can see the wave is there, but you have to get pretty zoomed in.

Anyone know anything about this?
Have tried to remove the MediaBay.db file as I thought that might have anything to do with it but did not help at all.


maybe one of this trick could help…

Thanks for the suggestion, but no, dose not help.
Thought it was related to Cubase 8 only so I started up 7.5 as I still have it installed. And the same issue is there in the MediaBay when browsing all my scanned sample packs. Tried updated my graphics driver to the latest and done all the updates windows wanted me to have done. As I read in an other thread about that could solve this issue. But it has not. Makes me wonder how this works and what is now missing.

Well, well, found out what had happened.

Right about the time I made the update I changed my Windows systems temporary settings because my system drive is getting pretty tight on space.

Can be found under “System/Advanced system settings/Environment Variables”.

What I did was I changed both my user and system path where the “TMP” and “TEMP” directory is located for use. This has solved some installation problems Iv been having.
BUT, somehow Cubase’s way of dealing with graphics of sounds in the “MediaBay” seam to freak out a bit if you changed the “User variables” for these to directories.
So as soon as I changed these back to its default “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp” all the waves begin showing again.

Makes me wonder a bit how the temporary file handing is set up when it comes to Cubase. No other application I run have had any sort of trouble dealing with this “temporary files” issue.

Hope it can be of use!