[SOLVED] Mediabay in cubase le

When i try to add a midi/audio loop from the mediabay in cubase le nothing happens (drag-drop) (ipad)
Do i have to upgrade to cubasis or am i doing something wrong ?

Hi wc2wc,

Gave it a short check with an audio loop:
Long tap on the file and moving it into the arrange window should do the job (unless the file is incompatible).


Thanks Lars
I tried the drumloops in the mediabay (all grayed out but i can prelisten them ), tap/drag doesn’t work only the list scrolls down when i drag.
I created a wav file from a midi instrument , i can import that from the mixdown list
So all midi/audio loops in the mediabay list can only be previewed and not used in a project?

Kind regards


Hi Werner,

Sorry, did oversee that we’re talking LE here:
The factory loops can be used with the full Cubasis version only.

Please find the feature comparison between both apps right here:


Thanks Lars,
I overlooked it in the comparison basicssection, and was confused by the preview function.(sort of teaser :smiley: )

Best regards