[SOLVED] MediaBay not seeing mapped network drives (!)

I just finished setting up a brand new DAW with Windows 10 and Nuendo 10.1. I had already mapped a drive letter to my Sound Effects library folder on my NAS in Windows but MediaBay will not see this drive letter, even with Refreshes and Rescans of the tree.

This all worked fine on my older DAW (running both Nuendo 8 and 10), accessing the same mapped drives, though that PC is running Windows 7.

Importing my Profile from the other Nuendo 10 install also worked fine (though it did not contain any MediaBay info).

All of my permissions in Properties | Security for this mapped drive are exactly the same as the other machine.

What do I need to do to get MediaBay to see these mapped network drives?

[EDIT - SOLVED] Per some Windows 10 DAW optimization advice, I was running Nuendo in Administrator Mode. Once I deselected that tickbox on the executable, the network drives showed up in MediaBay.