[SOLVED] Merge MIDI Clips?

Is Merging MIDI clips possible? I haven’t been able to find it.

For example when recording Kick and Snare on one pass, then Hihat on the second pass. Right now the result is one clip layered on top of the other on the same track. I would like to collapse these into one composite clip for editing in the piano roll.

  1. select midi segments
  2. use the GLUE button

That’s how I do it. If it’s difficult selecting the layers, you can do it backwards. by selecting all and deselecting the ones you don’t want to merge.

Hi David,

The fastest way is to use the “Select” tool from the sub menu bar:

  • Choose the “Select” tool from the sub menu top left
  • Make a selection over the parts to be glued by moving your finger
  • Tap the “glue” button

Parts that overlay each other are automatically selected when using the select tool.

Hope that helps.


Great thanks. Works perfectly