[SOLVED] Merging flows with different players

I’ve created two flows for two parts of a section that I would like to be one.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to simply copy and paste the second flow into the first one because the players are different.
Part A has chorus and part B has a bunch of soloists.

How do I combine these flows?

an aside: I wouldn’t mind separate flows if I could control the starting bar number to follow the bar number of the first flow (if even I have to manually set the starting number that would be OK.

You CAN change the bar number.

Page 240 of the manual, here; https://blog.dorico.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/dorico_en_1.2_22_12_17.pdf#page240

And maybe make sure, in Layout options, to select “allow multiple flows on same page” in order to make it look it’s the same piece of music! And choose the labeling options accordingly.

Alternatively, go back into Setup mode and add soloists to the chorus flow or chorus players to the soloists’ flow. Then copy and paste the music from one flow to the other and set empty staves to hide as you wish within Layout Options.

Thank you pianoleo! Your answers completely solve my needs. Also Thank you MarcLarcher for the tidbit on multiple flows on the same page.

No problem :slight_smile: