(SOLVED) Mic gain suddenly low

In the middle of a project and all of the sudden my mic gain is super low. It barely makes a visual waveform at all. Anyone have any ideas?

I checked with another program. It seems to be the iPad mic in general. No idea what would cause that out of the blue.

I should also mention that in my iPad settings the mic is set to normal and says it’s connected to Cubasis.

Hi @Ameritrash73,

Please give these steps a try:

(1) Load the “New Project” template
(2) Close all running apps, including Cubasis
(3) Fully shut down the iPad

Does things work normal again, once you’ve restarted the device and Cubasis?

In addition, please note that Cubasis 3.4 has been released this morning, which adds great new features alongside resolving many user-reported problems.


Thanks for the ideas but no change.

Okay, I deleted the app, reinstalled and it’s working. It’s worth mentioning that it reinstalled the new update of course. Whether that has anything to do with it we’ll never know I suppose. Thanks again for your help!

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Okay follow up:
The problem is with the “studio quality” setting. If that’s on, the input volume is almost nothing. That’s what’s doing it. That’s bs. Of course I want the studio quality setting on. I bought a brand new iPad Pro so that it could handle whatever I throw at it. Without that setting on, the whole app is useless. This needs to be fixed.

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I’m on the iPhone 13 Pro Max & have encountered this too. The studio quality recordings you get off the built in mics are so clean but that gain staging is a pain. makes it much harder to mix with other instruments. with Studio Quality off, the signal is kinda smashed.

Which is to say I’d like this gain issue to be addressed as well. Especially since Voice is my primary instrument.

Hi @Ameritrash73,

Thanks for the update.

Please note that we’ve point out the volume reduction topic in the “Setup” chapter of the Cubasis in-app help:

Studio Quality
On iOS, enabling this mode minimizes all input and output signal processing that is normally applied by iOS. This can significantly reduce the output volume. On Android, this setting only minimizes the input signal processing (output is unaffected) and maximizes the system’s sample rate conversion quality, in case automatic sample rate conversion must be applied.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

That seems weird. Wouldn’t that raise the noise floor considerably? That would defeat the whole purpose of the setting.