SOLVED: Midi CC issue

I’m trying to manually map my midi controller to do what I want. I realized a good way of selecting specific VSTi instruments to play on the fly would be to enable/disable the record of the specific track. So, I set up one of my controls on my controller to the “record” option (using generic remote device setup). The button works fine for turning off the record, but then it will not turn on the record. The same is true if I set it to solo.

Any suggestions?

Edit: In case you need this info:

Controller: M-Audio Oxygen 61
DAW: Cubase 6 (obviously)
Track: VST Instrument track using Kontakt 5

Strange, cause it works here. Be sure that the button on your M-Audio keyboard is set to the correct behavior : on my VMK-188+, I can set each of the transport buttons to PUSH or SWITCH.

Using PUSH, the button acts as its Cubase transport equivalent, but if I set one of them to SWITCH, I have to press twice on it to make it act and the ‘Record’ button is no exception. Worth a check as, using Generic Remote, the ‘Record’ button flag is always set as ‘Push button’, provided that you use the ‘Command/Transport/Record’ definition chain for it…

Hmmmm, good note, but I don’t think that’s the problem. I actually meant the “record enable” or ARM button on the track itself. When pressing the button (which on the generic remote setup is a “Prog. Change Trigger”) on the controller, it does indeed disable the “record enable” on the track. But then when I press it again, it doesn’t enable the “record enable” on the track.

A note: I set the action to what you defined (Command/Transport/Record) and that worked fine for that purpose, it would record when pushed, then stop recording when pushed again (Though this is obviously not my goal, just a note).

EDIT: I’m not using the transport buttons on my keyboard. I think the best way to tackle this is to show you exactly what I want to achieve.

That’s my keyboard. I want each of the buttons under the faders to correspond with tracks in cubase. So, I press the 1st button under the fader, it enables or disables the record for track 1. When i press the 2nd button under the fader, it enables or disables the record for track 2. etc.

OK, I indeed thought that the problem was in the record triggering…

So, another thing to check is in the Preferences/Editing/Project & mixer’ : check that the ‘Enable record on selected audio track’ and ‘Enable record on selected MIDI track’ options are deactivated. Then set your button definition chain to ‘Command/Edit/Record enable’ : this toggle the record arming of the selected track, here…


My keyboard has various presets. The preset that I was on had the button acting as a program change. A different preset gave it a Command instead. This works.