[SOLVED] MIDI control commands

First off, let me say that QBASIS for the iPad is a wonderful piece of work. Who would have thought that a lowly iPad could make such a great music tool!

I have graduated to an iPad Pro (the big one) running IOS 10.2.1, with QBASIS 2 controlling an external midi sound generator by means of midi-over-Bluetooth. This system is working well as I’m getting familiar with its operation.

I think, however, that I’ve found a bug in QBASIS 2 (the full version); or, maybe I’m just not doing something right. Maybe one of you Steinberg guys here can address this:

My problem concerns sending midi control changes, ones that have numeric values, to the external device - for example “program-change”, a midi control command to select a particular “patch”:

While I have learned how to make QBASIS 2 do this, there seem to be “gaps” in the numerical values that can be set for QBASIS to send… on my system there are four of them: between 0 and 4, between 59 and 64, between 100 and 104, and between 123 and 127.

The first gap is particularly bothersome to me, since parches 1, 2, and 3 are the various piano sounds on my generator, which I almost always want to use.

Can anyone verify this, or tell me what I’m doing wrong? Or, if it’s a bug, is there a work-around that I can use?

Thank you, and thanks again to Steinberg for a great product!

Hi Kskruser,

Thanks for your message, not sure to understand your topic correctly.

Please make sure the grid (located in the sub menu bar top above) is set to off.
This should help to set smaller value steps more easily and precisely.

Please let me know if it does.


YES - thank you!

I didn’t realize that the grid setting would affect the MIDI control area too, but a quick check shows that now I can set any of the 127 values, including those that I thought were missing.

Once again, many thanks for your help.

Thanks for the update.
Glad to hear it helped to solve the problem.

Best wishes,